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Welcome to XonqNopp Airlines!


About the weather

The weather is the most important decision factor for our flight. I advise you to subscribe to 2 dates to have a backup in case we need to cancel the first one. I can tell you GO or NO GO for sure only at the moment to start our flight. I'll tell you in the days before how is the trend. It is possible that in flight we notice we won't be able to go where we planned and we go somewhere else or even we must get back after 10 minutes.


If you have a clear idea of what kind of flight you want to make, contact me. We can then discuss it and I can explain how much time we need and check the availability of the plane and of myself. Otherwise you can call me or send me an SMS/whatsapp/mail.

If you want I can add you to my whatsapp list (not a group where everyone sees all the numbers of the others) to tell you when I have new dates and free places.

Instructions for the flight

Here are some rules to follow before the flight so that everything goes well:

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